Applies to:Fast Math Parser
uCalc main class
Class member Description
AddErrorHandler Adds an error handler
CreateTransform Creates a transform that can modify text or search through text
CreateuCalc Creates a new uCalc instance
DataTypeOfIndex Returns a data type object
Default Returns default settings
Define Defines a uCalc.Item object (a constunction, function, operator, variable, etc)
DefineConstant Defines a constant
DefineDataType Defines a data type
DefineFunction Defines a function
DefineOperator Defines an operator
DefineSyntax Defines a syntax construct
DefineTransform Defines a transform
DefineVariable Defines a variable
ErrorExpression Returns the expression associated with an error that was raised
ErrorLocation Returns the location of an error that was raised
ErrorMessage Returns a message associated with the error that was raised
ErrorNumber Returns the error number of the error that was raised
ErrorResponse Sets the error response for an error handler
ErrorSetExpression Sets a new expression after an error is raised
ErrorSymbol Returns the symbol associated with the error that is raised
Eval Parses and evaluates an expression in one step
EvalStr Parses and evaluates an expression of any data type in one step, returning the result as a string
Expand Expands an expression
ExpandSteps Returns each step leading to an expression expansion
FPEnvClearException Clears floating point exception(s) that were raised
FPEnvGetExceptionMask Returns the floating point environment error mask
FPEnvGetRounding Gets the current floating point environment rounding option
FPEnvRaiseException Raises a floating point exception in a uCalc.Callback function
FPEnvSetExceptionMask Sets the current floating point environment mask
FPEnvSetExceptionUnMask Unmasks the current floating point environment mask
FPEnvSetRounding Sets the floating point environment rounding option
FPEnvToggleExceptionMask Toggles the floating point environment mask
GetItemOf Returns the uCalc.Item object associated with the given name
GetItemOfProperty Returns the nth uCalc.Item object that matches a property
Handle Returns the handle of the uCalc object
HandleOf Returns the handle of a uCalc.Item given a name
License Sets the license code
NamespaceChild ???
NamespaceChildCount ???
NamespaceParent ???
NamespaceSymbol ???
NamespaceSymbolCount ???
NewTransform Returns a new transform object
Parse Parses an expression that will later be evaluated with Evaluate or EvaluateStr
Precedence Returns the precedence level of an operator or the level between two operators
Properties Combines properties into a numeric value that can be passed to GetItemOf
Release Releases a uCalc instance
ReleaseuCalc (Use Release instead)
ResetOutput Removes any output decoration
SetOutput (Callback) Allows a callback to decorate the output of EvalStr
SetOutput (NoCallback) Formats the appearance of results returned by EvalStr or EvaluateStr
uCalcHandle Handle for uCalc instance
ValueAt Returns the value located at the specified Pointer address
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