Applies to:uCalc Transform
Returns the value located at the specified Pointer address
ValueAt(ValuePtr, DataType)
DLL import code
<DllImport(uCalcDLL, CharSet:=CharSet.Ansi, CallingConvention:=CallingConvention.Cdecl, EntryPoint:="ValueAt")> _

Private Function ValueAt__(ByVal uCalcHandle As IntPtr,ByVal ValuePtr As IntPtr, ByVal DataType As String) As IntPtr
End Function
[DllImport(uCalcDLL, CharSet=CharSet.Ansi, CallingConvention=CallingConvention.Cdecl, EntryPoint="ValueAt")]

protected static extern  IntPtr ValueAt_(IntPtr uCalcHandle, IntPtr ValuePtr,  string DataType);
{DLLImport}function ValueAt__(uCalcHandle: System.Pointer;ValuePtr: System.Pointer; DataType: AnsiString):  PAnsiChar; cdecl; external uCalcDLL name 'ValueAt';

typedef const char * (* __ValueAt)(void *uCalcHandle, void * ValuePtr,  CONSTCHAR DataType ); 

[DllImport(uCalcLib, CharSet=CharSet::Ansi, CallingConvention=CallingConvention::Cdecl, EntryPoint = "ValueAt")]

static STR_RETURN ValueAt_(void *  uCalcHandle, void *   ValuePtr,  MARSHALSTR DataType);
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