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What uCalc is all about
## What is uCalc? uCalc is designed to parse any kind of text or data. If the input is a math expression, uCalc Fast Math Parser can evaluate the input, and return a result. If you are parsing source code, uCalc can execute it. uCalc can Parse text in order to transorm it into a different form (reorganize) or filter out ## uCalc is designed to: * Parse any kind of text * It can transform parsed data into any other form of data * It can interpret parsed data ## uCalc Family of products uCalc includes a family of inter related products, such as: * Fast Math Parser - Takes a math expression as input and returns a numerical result * Transform - Takes any text as input, and transforms it to any other form of text (end user) * Transform API - ... * Search API - Searches through text using advanced uCalc patterns * String API - Adds support for powerful uCalc patterns to familiar string handling functions * Language Builder - Lets you easily construct programming languages. uCalc can execute code from that language * Calculator - End user tool for performing calculations
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