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If you will need a math parser to let your application evaluate expressions at runtime, the very best way to appreciate uCalc Fast Math Parser's advantage will be to first try other available parsers in your application. Take note of the limitations that you encounter. Then come back and try uCalc FMP to see the difference.  Meanwhile, based on feedback from existing uCalc customers, here are a couple of things to consider as you compare parsers:

1. Speed. Some parsers also bill themselves as "fast". In fact, you may find that several of them are comparable in speed to uCalc Fast Math Parser, when simple tests are performed. But once you start working with multiple expressions simultaneously, you find that uCalc is much faster.  (Check to see if the other parser even lets you work with more than one expression at a time).  The following link compares the speed of various math parser solutions.  Notice how uCalc FMP is up to hundreds of times faster than Microsoft Script Control, depending on the test.  If that page still has a 2007 date, then the comparison used an older and slower version of uCalc.  The latest version of uCalc is even faster.

2. Price. There is a price for everyone.
3. Cost. Here are cost factors to consider:

4. String handling. uCalc FMP goes beyond just math expressions.  Expressions can include string data as well. Some other parsers simply do not support this, or have very limited string support.

5. Ease of use.  This can be considered subjective.  However, uCalc is designed to require fewer and simpler lines of code than other parsers, so that you can spend more time solving problems than figuring out how to use the math parser.

6. Flexibility.  uCalc allows you to customize the syntax of expressions.  It supports many data types (not just a generic numeric type).  It lets you control how exceptions such as Division-by-0 or Overflow are handled.  The list goes on.

7. Scripting. People who are looking for a math parser sometimes need something with scripting ability.  uCalc FMP is based on the underlying uCalc Language Builder, which is designed specifically for dealing with scripting languages. The transition from uCalc FMP to scripting should be smooth.

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