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Title: uCalc Fast Math Parser 32-bit and 64-bit
Version: 4.00
Released: August 14, 2014
Size: 981 Kb
File: ucfmp400.zip

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Product description

FMP pic

We use UCALC in a Delphi flight data system which proactively detects engine problems before they happen and monitors the way in which aircraft are flown. Typically, this can mean 5 million calculations per aircraft, with UCALC, this takes just a few minutes. Most impressive.

Paul Harrison - British Airways

Product Description

uCalc Fast Math Parser allows programs to evaluate math expressions that are defined at run time. Ease of implementation, flexibility, sturdiness and speed are at the core of the product's design. It includes direct support for Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, PowerBASIC (PB/DLL and PB/CC), Visual Basic (classic), .NET (C#, VB.NET etc), and Visual C++. uCalc FMP works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications.

UCalc Fast Math Parser 2.0 proved to be an intuitive, efficient, heavy-duty tool which you can plug into enterprise-level applications.

Danny Kalev/Brian Noyes - Visual C++ Developer's Journal, p10, 4/00

Partial feature list

Thanks to UCalc, we no longer hesitate to clean, calibrate, or correct data immediately, nor do we wait 50 minutes anymore.

Steve Jordi - Dr. Dobbs Journal, p64, 3/01

An expression parser for programmers

Let's say you're writing an application, and instead of hard-coding a pre-determined set of formulas, you want to let your users add their own, whenever they want. You started developing a math engine in-house, but gave up after several months. You found some solutions on the Internet. But now, you're looking for something that's faster, more flexible, and more reliable. You want something that will save your company development time and money. What you need then is uCalc Fast Math Parser.

UCalc is a commercial third-party application and not part of VB or VB.NET, but every scientific and engineering programmer should seriously check it out.

Christopher M. Frenz - Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET for Scientists and Engineers, p 154

uCalc Fast Math Parser in a nutshell

Example 1
This lets the end-user evaluate an expression such as 6+4*5/2
UserExpr$ = InputBox$("Enter an expression",,"6+4*5/2")
Print ucEval(UserExpr$)   ' Returns 16

Example 2
This user expression is very rapidly evaluated in a loop
(See the demo that comes with the download for a more complete example)
UserExpr$ = InputBox$("Enter an expression",,"x^2+x+1")
xPtr = ucDefineVariable("x As Double", VarPtr(x))
ExprPtr = ucParse(UserExpr$)

For x = 1 To 1000000
   SumTotal = SumTotal + ucEvaluate(ExprPtr)

It saved me a great deal of time and effort, and considerable stress as I was not looking forward to the prospect of programming the arithmetic parsing in VC++ myself.

Dr. K. Brazier - University of Liverpool

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