uCalc Transform

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This innovative tool lets you transform text in unprecedented ways. Use it to refactor your code, convert your code from one programming language to another, automate repetitive changes in ordinary text, and much more.

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uCalc Fast Math Parser (32-bit and 64-bit)

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uCalc FMP lets your program evaluate expressions defined at runtime. Ease of implementation, flexibility, sturdiness and speed are at the core of the product's design. Works with 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

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uCalc String Library

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These string functions will let your apps parse text in very powerful new ways, with great ease.

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uCalc Console Calculator

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uCalc Console Calculator is a very powerful calculator with a simple interface. It shares features with the current batch of other uCalc products.

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uCalc Graphing Calculator

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This scientific calculator is intended for high school/college math students. Anyone else can use it for everyday calculations as well.

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uCalc Search/Replace (beta)

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Find text, or patterns of text in your PC that you couldn't find with Windows Search. Also, transform text intuitively, in ways not possible with traditional search/replace features you've used before.

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uCalc Language Builder (beta)

uCalc Language Builder pic
This takes parsing to the next level. It parses any kind of text or source code. You can build versions of BASIC, Forth, or your own fancy new language. uCalc removes the complexity and mystery usually associated with language building.

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Dacorbi Pattern Search

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This allows you to perform search and search/replace operations on text using easy-to-understand but powerful patterns.

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