uCalc Fast Math Parser Standard License


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uCalc Fast Math Parser 3

Copyright 1998-2013 by Daniel Corbier.

All rights reserved.


What you receive when you purchase a Standard License


License agreement


The following part of this text serves as a license agreement between Daniel Corbier (uCalc Software), the author of uCalc Fast Math Parser (or uCalc FMP), and you, the software developer entity using this component, and pertains to the Standard License for uCalc FMP 3. Your usage of this component implies your acceptance to abide by the terms of this end user license agreement.


1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Daniel Corbier, author of uCalc FMP, grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use this component. The number of developers in your organization using this component must not exceed the number of developers that the license you purchased allows.


2a. DISTRIBUTION OF THE COMPONENT. The component itself as a unit may be distributed under these conditions: (i) All parts of the component (including documentation and sample project files) must be distributed together. (ii) The component and associated files may be distributed as a unit on legitimate software distribution sites.


2b. DISTRIBUTION WITH YOUR PRODUCT. Only the .DLL file(s) from the parser component may be distributed as part of your finished program. You may include the DLLs in commercial, educational, personal, or private projects, on as many computers as needed, whether on individual or networked systems. There is no royalty fee. License codes given to users who pay for the Standard License should not be distributed.


This paragraph pertains only to add-on libraries for uCalc FMP: Add-on libraries for this component may also be distributed royalty-free as long as the license code is not distributed or implemented in the library. You may sell or give away your add-on products. But programmers who use your add-on product must secure their own separate license for uCalc FMP itself. Your add-on must be distributed as a separate entity without including uCalc FMP itself in it. Your add-on users must download their own copy of uCalc FMP.


uCalc DLLs cannot be distributed within a product that targets other programmers, as opposed to programs that target regular end-users, without a separate license. Such a product can be distributed separately from uCalc FMP under the same conditions as add-on libraries as described in the previous paragraph.


3. LIMITED WARRANTY. This component is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All other warranties are also expressly disclaimed.


4. SUITABILITY. The persons or organizations using this component are solely responsible for thoroughly testing it to make sure it works to their satisfaction before fully relying on it. The same DLLs are used in both the free and commercial licenses for uCalc FMP. Under the default demo mode, all features are made available for you to play with. Because all features are made available, and can be tested for any length of time prior to purchase, there is no refund.


5. EXPORT. You agree to comply with U.S. export laws and regulations concerning the acquisition, usage or transfer of computer software.