This program is being replaced by uCalc Transform as well as other upcoming products related to uCalc Search/Replace. These programs have the same general idea as Dacorbi Pattern Search, but are much more advanced, and have a more modern user interface.

This page is preserved because it contains examples that are relevant to uCalc Transform and related products. For more documentation on patterns see: uCalc Patterns

In this example, we use patterns to search through the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken.

Here we search for a block of text that starts with the word and and ends with the word one, and has one or more words in between. In this context, {etc} represents a pattern variable.
Search with a pattern variable

Here we search for the word i followed by either could, stood, or should. (Note: Could, stood, and should are separated by a vertical bar - sometimes called the pipe character - which unfortunately looks like a capital i in some fonts, but is a separate key on the keyboard).
Searching for alternative text

Extending the previous example, here we find the word i, followed by could, stood, or should, and then followed by one or more words, until it reaches a comma.
Find alternative text also with a pattern variable

Here we find an entire line that contains the word diverged in it.
Search for an entire line with a given word


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