This program is being replaced by uCalc Transform as well as other upcoming products related to uCalc Search/Replace. These programs have the same general idea as Dacorbi Pattern Search, but are much more advanced, and have a more modern user interface.

This page is preserved because it contains examples that are relevant to uCalc Transform and related products. For more documentation on patterns see: uCalc Patterns

This example converts LineFeed to Carriage Return / LineFeed (LF to CRLF). This solves the problem some Windows users encounter, where text originating from a non-Windows system looks like it is jammed all on one long line, because it uses only a LF for the newline (EOL), instead of the CR and LF combo required by Windows.

Original text (with undesirable LF format).
LF to CRLF (before)

Transformed text (with the desirable format that uses CRLF instead of LF).
LF to CRLF (after)


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