This program is being replaced by uCalc Transform as well as other upcoming products related to uCalc Search/Replace. These programs have the same general idea as Dacorbi Pattern Search, but are much more advanced, and have a more modern user interface.

This page is preserved because it contains examples that are relevant to uCalc Transform and related products. For more documentation on patterns see: uCalc Patterns

Here, we search through, and filter text from the Beatitudes, found in the book of Matthew (chapter 5).

This finds blocks of text that start with Blessed are, followed by one or more words (denoted by the {who} pattern variable), and then followed by a colon.
Find who

When you click on the Filter button, all text other than the matching pattern is filtered out, so you are left with the list below.
Filter who

Here we refine the filter so that only the {who} part is listed.
Filter who only

This filter returns the {who} and {what} part from the above pattern.
Filter who what


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