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Your answers to the following questions will help keep the uCalc multi-purpose calculator at a competitive advantage. You are free to skip any question you do not wish to answer.

How or where did you first hear about uCalc?

What was your first impression of uCalc after downloading it?

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How easy was it to figure out how the program works?
Very Easy     Easy     Medium     Hard     Too Hard

How would you rate the program's appearance?

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How effective is the help file?
Very effective   Adequate Inadequate I don't use it

Please name any other programs similar to uCalc that you have either used or considered using:

Please explain what makes uCalc better or worse than these programs:

Which features do you find most useful?
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What tasks do you use (or anticipate using) uCalc for?

Please list new features you would like to see in a future version:

If you have noticed any flaws in the program, please list them here:

What do you think of the registration price?

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If you have purchased a license, was the process of ordering easy or difficult? Was the service slow or fast? Were any mistakes made?

How was your experience while browsing www.ucalc.com? (For instance: Any dead links or typos to report? Was it sufficiently easy to find the info you needed? Any problem displaying the site in your browser? Is the appearance professional? Does the visual theme match what you'd expect for this type of product? Is there something that can make the site more appealing? Other comments?)

Would you recommend uCalc to someone else?
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Your testimonialIf you are satisfied with the product, and would like to submit a testimonial that can be used on this website, please write it in the space below:

Additional comments:

Name and e-mail are optional, but it can be very helpful to attribute a name to questionnaire responses, especially if you also send separate e-mail requiring technical support, or if you have just purchased a license, or are about to.  Your e-mail is not added to the ucalc mailing list unless you subscribe to the list using the instructions in the contact page.  See Privacy Statement.




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